Empire Earth II Demo 1.1

Play alongside history in this good strategy game for Windows

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    Demo 1.1

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    Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows ME / Windows 98 SE / Windows 98

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    7.7 (353)

Empire Earth II allows players to engage in some of the most renowned battles and clashes in history in an expansive real-time strategy game created by the team at Mad Doc Software.

Much like its predecessor, Empire Earth II is an ambitious game that has attempted to cram in thousands of years of violence and technological advances into a few dozen hours of gameplay. While the game does have quite a few good points, many players are going to be overrun with the sheer scope of this game as well as understanding how some of the new features have manifested themselves when it comes to actual gameplay mechanics. As Mad Doc Software has taken over the helm of this franchise, many fans of the previous title will enjoy some of the additions while others may shy away from an overly zealous update.

The primary storyline of this game follows 14 different civilizations moving through 15 epochs of time. Not only do the four playable civilizations have their own unique units and tech tree, each epoch also has changes and adaptations to the technology. As time progresses through the games, players will find themselves fluidly moving through almost cavemen-esque battles to advanced combat in the future with armies led by uranium-powered mechanized warriors.

When heading into the campaign, players can choose between Americans, Aztecs, Koreans and Germans. Each of these groups will move through a relatively large majority of their history, but some variations lack historical accuracy. An example of this would be the fact that Koreans might fight in the Three Kingdoms conflict in one epoch only to move through most of Asia in the next few. If nothing else, the scale of the campaign is large enough to keep players interested for quite some time. For more traditional RTS matches, players can setup games with any mixture of 10 computer controlled groups or player controlled groups both offline and online with nearly a dozen different unique conditions to win.

The two new features of this title that most dedicated fans will enjoy are the PiP interface and the war applet. The PiP interface allows players to carry out multiple commands at once across the entire map, dramatically increasing efficiency as well as complexity. The war applet can be used to sketch out a rough outline of a battle or invasion that can then be approved by allies, adding to the realism and teamwork of the game. Along with new technology, units and graphics, fans of complex real-time strategy games are sure to find something they enjoy with Empire Earth II.


  • New interface and HUD gives players better control
  • Expansive storyline spanning thousands of years
  • AI tactics and strategies will challenge even advanced RTS fans


  • Difficult to memorize commands and hotkeys
  • AI can be overly-aggressive, even on easier settings
  • Lack of detail when zoomed in on the map
  • Larger games require exceptionally high-processing speeds

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